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Yoko Tanabe’s recent visit to our judo club was a momentous occasion. As our Vice President, Yoko’s presence was a great honour, and we were delighted to have her with us. The purpose of her visit was to run a session for our club and dedicate the dojo, marking its official opening. It was a great privilege to have Yoko lead the session, and her expertise in judo was evident in the way she conducted the training.

One of the primary aims of Yoko’s visit was to strengthen the relationship between our club and Japan, creating opportunities for us to visit Japan for judo, education, and cultural exchanges. Yoko will be our point of contact, which is an incredible honour for our club. Through Yoko, we can also open our dojo to any players from Japan who are looking for a contact or a dojo in Glasgow, further strengthening our ties with Japan.

Yoko loved her time in Glasgow and enjoyed the city’s sights. She was particularly taken with one of the remaining John Lewis stores, which she likes to shop in, as well as the local restaurants and the friendly Glasgwegians. However, what impressed Yoko the most was our dojo. The artwork, Japanese translations, code of conduct, and ambience created a fantastic teaching environment that Yoko could not stop raving about. She was also impressed by the behaviour and movement of our squad kids, describing them as well-behaved and aware.

Overall, Yoko’s visit was an unforgettable experience for our club. Her expertise, guidance, and friendship will be invaluable to us as we continue to grow and strengthen our ties with Japan. We are grateful for Yoko’s visit and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.

Joyce Heron & Yoko Tanabe
Pro Judo – Yoko Tanabe Session