Junior Grading



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Our Governing Body (Judo Scotland) has a grading structure which is based on progression through technical ability and understanding of Judo. We encourage all adults to participate in this development programme as it provides incentive, motivation and a sense of achievement within the sport.

Players are required to demonstrate techniques and display an understanding of the terminology relevant to the required grade. You will be prepared for the grading by your club coach prior to the examination.


To participate in a grading they must hold a current Judo Scotland Licence (please check renewal date, if licence has expired call Judo Scotland on 01313332981 Ext 1 and renew prior to grading).


Can go straight to the Judo Scotland website and join up under new member. Judo Scotland is offering 4 months free which will give you 16 months for your first annual membership. Judo Scotland will then send you a provisional licence, once you have passed your 1st grading you will be required to validate to a full member to receive your certificate, badge and full licence. (Judo Scotland will generate this email directly to you so please take time to complete the form with the correct details).


If your do not have a valid Judo Scotland licence then they will not send your certificate and badge, also your new grade will not be officially recorded by the Governing Body.