Rachel Tytler

Judo Coach

Rachel started training at the club when she was 7 years old. She volunteered with the club in her final years of high school and has now returned to the club after completing her degree and is a coach 4 days a week.

Rachel is a 1st Dan and a UKCC Level 2 coach, Rachel like many young Pro Judo members started competing at club events and domestic events. Since then she has went on to win the Scottish Grand Prix and British Championships among others.

Here is Rachel’s favourite technique, Judo player and moment

  • Technique : Uchi Mata
  • Judo Player : Patricia Simpaio (POR)
  • Favourite Judo Moment : One of many memories which is special to me was when I won silver at a Spanish European Cup. The medal is great to have but I was proud of my performance on the day and the execution and quick thinking during my fights that day.

I started judo when I was 7, I had tried lots of sports but had never stuck with any of them. When I started judo, head coach Brian quickly started to encourage me to do more thus, I have competing domestically since I was about 9. I quickly began competing internationally with a competition in Venray, Holland being the first I did abroad. Since then I have been to training camps and competitions across Europe and even competing in Chinese Taipei once and training in Japan too. For the last 5 years I have been training at the Scottish National Training centre in Edinburgh, travelling around the world with the Scottish Squad. I have found both Gemma Gibbons’ and Sally Conway’s Olympic moments very inspirational. I train with both of these women and am fascinated by their different approaches and delivery of techniques.

Personal Life:

Outside judo, I have a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. My hobbies include a variety of sports and I enjoy painting and drawing too.







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