Luke Caldwell

Judo Coach

Luke started off volunteering at club competitions in 2017. He started coaching judo at the end of 2019. He has always been and continue to be a competitive player within the club.

Luke has been doing judo 8 years in total now. He started competing shortly after starting out and he is still actively competing today.

Here is Luke’s favourite technique, Judo player and moment

  • Technique : Reverse Seoi Nage
  • Judo Player : Fabio Basile
  • Favourite Judo Moment : Fighting in Sardinia, Italy was great as the food, weather and beaches were amazing. It was good to take a medal in the tournament and have good randori at the camp.

Judo has helped me gain an understanding of respect, discipline and the value that they hold. I started judo at 10 years old and enjoyed it from the beginning. The sport also makes other walks of life seem easy!

Professional Life:

Outside of Judo I enjoy going for a coffee.







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