Gerry McCafferty

Judo Coach

After seeing judo classes at the leisure drone in Bishopbriggs I met and ended up starting my Son Ryan. I after spending too much time watching I attended the Palace of Arts where I spent a large amount of time doing break falls. After a couple of years of training. 4 / 5 times per week joining in the squad classes I began helping with classes as uki, glad I had all the break fall practice. I then completed the instructors award, BJA and UKCC qualifications and have continued being an uki to the young judoka I started with.

Gerry is a 1nd Dan and a UKCC Level 2 coach, he started has been doing Judo since 2006

Here is Gerry’s favourite technique, Judo player and moment

Technique : Seio-Otoshi
Judo Player : Mike Swain although Go Tsunada is pretty Sweet to watch
Favourite Judo Moment : Numerous coaching moment as I have been fortunate enough to be at the club through some very successful years for the members, all the judoka have always made me proud. Seeing my son throw Illias Iliadis for ippon was memorable but genuinely too many to me mention.


I started with Pro Judo in 2006 as a white belt and have progressed through the grades with the club. I’ve been fortunate to train with some great people at the club Some of whom aren’t with us anymore. Training with Louise and Kimberly pre commonwealth games, Owen Livesey, Boas Again pre and post games. Being Yoko Tanabe’s uki (there’s a theme), the club bringing Ungavi to give some tips. All great I moved into coaching the youngsters requiring additional support and seeing the effort these judoka put in has taught me the most. If you need to ask .. come along and see for yourself

Personal Life:

I have completed 1000 skydives all over the UK and world. I’ve been Scottish champion 4 consecutive years and 3rd in British. I’ve enjoyed Karate and boxing but Judo has taken that spot. I am learning to surf (slowly) and recently took up cycling; completing the Paris Roubaix sporting and a few Uk based events