Brian Long

Judo Coach

Brian has been involved with Judo at many levels from kids, youths and adults all over the West of Scotland.

Brian is a 4th Dan and a UKCC Level 3 coach, he has been doing Judo for more than 40 years competing in competitions through out Europe.

Here is Brian’s favourite technique, Judo player and moment

  • Technique : Morote Seonage
  • Judo Player : Toshihiko Koga
  • Favourite Judo Moment : Taking my players to Japan to train at the Kodokan.

My amazing journey Judo began at the age of 10 years old at Alba Judo club in Clydebank. From starting Judo all that time ago I could not for a second imagined what this sport could bring to me as a person. It has without a shadow of a doubt truly made me the person I am today. In Judo we have a moral code, a code that my coaches and I now promote to all our students. It is my hope that these students are influence by this and follow this into their daily life’s and future generation. In practicing judo, trying to perfect one’s technique, physical capabilities and following the judo moral code it makes one a better member society . Judo is a great sport for all 👍

Professional Life:

Proud Father









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