Judo Scotland License

Gradings will be commencing soon, we need all members to have a valid Judo Scotland license before completing our gradings. Please make sure that your child’s license is up to date. If you are new to Judo you will be able to get a Judo Scotland license at https://www.judoscotland.com/membership/new-member in order to participate in the grading your child’s license must be a full membership, any free introductory months will be added to your child’s license.

Registering for the grading

Gradings will happen twice a year at the club, all members will be notified when the registration window will open and close. To pay and register please https://www.projudo.co.uk/product-category/gradings/

Preparing for the grading

Judo Scotland offers some great pictorial guidance for children and adults preparing for their grading please have a look at these by visiting the link below for your age group. Your coach will be covering the syllabus for your grade so please watch out for the throws, holds and names in class. New starts will start with 1st Kai, 1st Mon or 6th Kyu depending on age. Additional learning materials can be found through our shop’s Koka Kids books, see below for more information.

50 Throws and Holds – £5
This book 100 page book contains 50 throws and holds 

★ Fully illustrated guide to 50 judo throws and hold downs. 

★ Designed by judo world champion, Nicola Fairbrother (7th Dan) to help junior judoka learn judo.
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40 Judo Throws – Only £5
This book contains all 40 throws of The Gokyo.

★ There are clear, step by step illustrations on how to do each technique. 

★ The illustrations show the grip, the entry, the lift, the rotation and the finish of each throw.
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