Grading November 2022

An important part of Judo is our grades/belts, a grade marks a child’s progression and is an indication of the level of the Judo player. To help us process your child’s grading correctly and promptly please review the information below.

Who are Judo Scotland?

Judo Scotland is the Sport Scotland recognised national governing body for the Olympic sport of Judo, Pro Judo as a club is an affiliated member of Judo Scotland. We require our members to hold a valid Judo Scotland license to be able to complete grading.

Judo Scotland offers a provisional membership for new members this must be upgraded to paid full membership after checkout on their system to be graded.

If you do not have a Judo Scotland membership please visit

Gradings and Registration

Each child will be asked to complete a short exam for their grade during normal class times. Early registration for the grading before the 4th of December will be £20 which will rise to £25 after this period. All payments and registration for the grading will close on the 12th of December.

To pay and register please visit and select the grading product relevant to your child’s age.

Presentation of the grading

The presentation of certificates and belts will be on the week commencing the 12th of December at normal class times, parents and guardians will be welcome to attend the dojo for this.

Preparing for the grading

Judo Scotland offers some great pictorial guidance for children and adults preparing for their grading for your age group. Your coach will have covered the syllabus for your grade, the throws, hold and names needed for your grading. New starts will start with 1st Kai, 1st Mon or 6th Kyu depending on age. For further information please visit

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