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It was a long trip down to Thetford for the English Open this weekend – But well worth it.

A very high standard of competition across two days at an event that normally features the best of British young talent.

Our 5 cadets ( Esther, Eden, Arad, Hattie and Alice ) fought on Saturday with maximum effort from the big guys – all of whom are either 1st or 2nd year with a whole year to go. A well earned Bronze for Esther 👍

The wee team fought on Sunday and what a display from Logan, Kenzie, Noah and Mark. The top British pre cadets were out in force and our athletes were by no means out of their league. An excellent bronze for Logan 👍

Juniors also fought on Sunday with no medals but impressive contest wins for Luke, Eden, Artur and Adam.

We now have players right across the age spectrum fighting at the highest level in our sport.

Our full time adult athletes  were fighting in Prague this week. We were proud to see David Ferguson and Rachel Tytler in action at the highest level in European Judo as they worked hard to try and earn a place in the commonwealth games team.