Codes of conduct are an important aspect to developing basic rights and responsibilities for all members of the club. They also help clubs establish acceptable standards of behaviour for training, social and competitive environments.

They can be developed as one standard set of member obligations for all parents, players, officials, coaches and volunteers to follow or can be developed separately for each member area.

Player’s Code of Conduct

Aim: To ensure that all players involved within the sport of Judo participate within an agreed philosophy and set of standards.

Principal Statement on Ethics

Sporting integrity is based on the acceptance of rules, fairness, equality, respect for others, moral conduct and a sense of what is right. Scottish sport’s goal is to create a sporting environment where violence, breaking the rules, the abuse of drugs, the lack of fair play and other unethical behaviour are automatically rejected as being irrelevant to the true purpose of sport.

I agree to:

  1. Abide by the principal statement on Ethics above
  2. Practice and play within the spirit of judo
  3. Behave with respect to others including coaches, officials, other players & athletes, team manager, spectators and staff members.
  4. Treat all others how I would like to be treated, with integrity,
  5. Refrain from inappropriate conduct towards others whether, physical, verbal or emotional
  6. Set a good example at all times in aspects of dress, punctuality, language, behaviour and respect of equipment and others.