Pro Judo offer a number of services to schools

  • Breakfast clubs starting at 8.00am which provides a great stimulant to the start of the day
  • Lunchtime clubs which can be taken before or after lunch and last 40 minutes
  • After school clubs which is an hour long session immediately after school
  • Health weeks
  • Additional Support Needs Coaching
  • 6-8 Week Block Introductory Courses

All equipment such as mats and judo kits are provided and we are able to take a maximum of 30 boys and girls.

Why would you want Pro Judo in your school?

Judo covers many aspects of the PE objectives and is very much a sport than a martial art in that it does not involve any kicking, punching or striking.

Judo is disciplined and provides physical fitness and mental stimulation in a fun and exciting way but above all teaches children respect for one and other.

Judo enables children of all shapes, sizes and abilities to participate and is particularly beneficial for children with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and dyspraxia.

Many schools have already introduced this modern olympic sport to their school and have been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm demonstrated by the participating children.


Get into Touch

Please do not hesitate to contact, using the details on our contact page to discuss what the club can provide the school or why not arrange a day for a free taster class or demonstration of judo during the assembly or health week?