Pro Muay Thai offer Muay Thai boxing martial art instruction, for both Kids and Adults, with instructor Cha Mackenzie. Our Muay Thai classes are open to all levels of student from complete beginners to A class fighters.

Pro Muay Thai provides martial arts training for general fitness right through to competition level Muay Thai fighting and everything in between. Our Glasgow Muay Thai classes are held in a custom and fully matted out martial arts training venue at Parklands Hotel and Country Club, Newton Mearns, Glasgow on a Wednesday and Friday. We will ensure that you progress rapidly in both fitness and Muay Thai skill when you train with us and have fun while you do it!

Jump into the world of Muay Thai Boxing, one of the oldest martial arts, where you will learn to use all aspects of your body and mind in training. At Pro Muay Thai, we will teach you a realistic fighting system that uses; boxing, elbows, knees, kicks and clinchwork.

As you train, you will gain you will gain greater confidence and self awareness whilst reaping the benefits of improved fitness levels and better sense of general wellbeing. For kids training in Muay Thai Boxing, Pro Muay Thai also offer Muay Thai classes specifically tailored for children, designed to improve your child's confidence, self control and respect whilst they have fun and stay fit!

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Pro Judo is a Judo Scotland affiliated club and was founded in 2000 and has one of the most innovative programs in the nation

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