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North West Age Bands Saint Helens

North West age bands Saint Helens 19th and 20th February

We travelled  down with five of our usual squad out due to injury so we only had ten players competing at this event.


Calum Taylor      u-34kgs  age band b Silver

Rachael tytler     +70kgs  age band b bronze

Laura Hewitt       -36kgs   age band b  bronze

David Ferguson   -50kgs  age band c bronze

Max Murphy        -73kgs  age band c bronze

Christine Milroy   -48kgs  age band c  5th place

Sophie Brown      -63kgs  age band b 5th place 

We also had some great performances from 

Ryan macafferty  -50kgs  age band b

Karry Thomson   -63kgs  age band b

Hannah Gray        -48kgs  age band c


Lots of pictures to follow!!!


Congratulations to everyone who attended the event you all fought really hard.