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Projudo cleans up at scottish age bands

Projudo cleans up at scottish age bands again with eleven players qualifying to fight at british age bands Well done everyone

Scottish Age Band Competition Perth September 11th  2010

Scottish Age Band A

Kirsty Thomson +48kgs GOLD

Claire Daley 28kgs SILVER

Ellen Burnip 36kgs BRONZE

Sam Downie 46kgs 5th PLACE


Scottish Age Band B

Jack Murphy 38kgs SILVER

Ryan McCafferty -42kgs SILVER

Stephen Ross -42kgs BRONZE

Rheagan Lang -36kgs BRONZE

Laura Hewitt -32kgs GOLD

Rachel Tytler   +63kgs BRONZE


Scottish Age Band C

David Ferguson -50kgs GOLD

Kerry Thomson -70kgs GOLD

Kate Saunders +70kgs GOLD

Christine Milroy -44kgs SILVER